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The Advantages of Structural Steel Buildings

Steel is back and steel is back in a big way. If you are a budding entrepreneur and are seeking to construct a building, warehouse, greenhouse, or shop, steel structures are being put up at an astonishing rate. Steel provides businesses and their new buildings with a wide variety of perks from the cost-effectiveness of the material to the new push toward sustainable living. Whatever your cause and whatever your building, you should be using steel to make your dream a reality. 

Steel is the best value for your buck

When you are opening up a brand new business you are constantly aware of the operating costs with full knowledge that any sort of overrun or extra cost could put your whole project in danger, which could, in turn, put your whole livelihood in danger. 10-15% of the total cost of the building is the structure, and by using steel you can save up to 6% of these costs. By investing in a steel frame for your building you are providing more wiggle room elsewhere in the budget, or even better, coming out ahead of the game. 

Fast and easy construction

Beyond the cost-cutting associated with a steel frame, you can count on steel to be incredibly easy to use on-site to get your building up quickly. Steel is manufactured before shipping, which affords the foreman on your building site the knowledge that every single piece will fit together perfectly. By using steel there is never an excuse as to why your building will not be getting put together on time and on schedule. Steel will undeniably cut down on potential overtime costs for the entire crew. Less overtime means less costs as well as an on-time opening guarantees more time open and serving your future customers. Each piece is specifically designed to fit perfectly so the entire project is not much different than putting together a puzzle or that dresser in your bedroom!

Steel is sustainable 

In today’s eco-conscious society, taking care of our one and only planet is on the forefront of every conversation about ethical business ownership and as a citizen of the planet. All steel structures are 100 per cent recyclable. In addition to being recyclable, steel structures also consistently hit well below the tradition carbon emissions standards of other building structures. Steel is easily transported and because they are easily assembled you have less travel time for both the products and the individuals tasked with using them to construct the building. In an interesting fact about the sustainability of steel is that as a frame steel can be elongated in an effort to make the building larger which is excellent for a building’s generational usage as well as providing the owner with a chance to upscale his business without buying new materials, a new plot of land, or damaging the environment by constructing a whole new building.

Steel is lighter than you believe

When people think of steel they think of these big beams that crush anything in sight, but in reality using steel in construction, as a frame is actually lighter than the most structurally sound wood. Since steel is so much more lighter than the necessary wood, you save money on the shipping of the product, which turns around and lessens your carbon footprint when you factor in the environment damage, and can simplify your building’s foundation which will lead to keeping the costs of your building down.

Steel can be used to build very quickly

Steel as a framing material is easier to assemble than other materials. The parts of your building are made to exact specifications before they are shipped and then those parts are all assembled according to the plan. It is like assembling a desk or bookshelf in your home, just much larger. This makes construction a breeze compared to other materials, and an easy construction means an on time opening of your business and your building be fully functional when you plan for it to be so. There is no need for measuring and cutting on site, and using steel almost completely removes the idea of human error from the equation. If you are looking to build on an expedited schedule, steel ensures that no corners are cut to get your building up in time. It protects your greatest asset, the building itself where your future is housed.

You save money by building with steel

Steel allows for you to save money throughout your project. It costs less to ship the materials as they weigh less than the wood that would need to be used inside the building. With little human error you save on construction costs and have a smaller risk of having to pay for overtime and new materials from the construction crews. Steel is recyclable so that if you have leftover materials or are looking to remove the building in your later years the steel is salvageable and retains value.

Steel is a very versatile product

Steel can be used in a wide variety of buildings from warehouses to greenhouses to workhouses. Steel is durable and can protect your products from harsh outdoor elements. Steel is beginning to see more usage in residential homes as well as they allow for less support beams to be made throughout the structure and allow for more open floor plans which can make each house as unique as the families purchasing them.

If you are looking to start construction on a building all your own, there is no better material to use than steel. Steel is in the midst of a renaissance as more and more small businesses and entrepreneurs begin using the material to make their dreams a reality. The three major calling calls of steel are its affordability, its sustainability, and its durability.

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