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Do I need planning permission for my new steel building?

Planning permission is an important consideration when you are planning to erect a steel building. It is essential to make sure you have the necessary permissions and meet all legal requirements before starting any construction work. It is always a good idea to contact your local authority planning department to chat about what it is that you want to do. A conversation at this stage can often indicate how likely it is that planning permission will eventually be granted and it gives you an overview of other considerations such as rights of way, flood risk, protected areas, and other important factors that may impact your building project.

In some areas, you can make a pre-application for planning, which gives you another indication of how likely you are to be approved for your new building. This process takes a couple of weeks, and you can get some idea of anything you need to address before making your main formal application. You may also need an environmental statement, but you can find out at this stage if it is necessary.

As a general rule, planning permission is needed for any new commercial buildings that are higher than 4 meters. Some buildings may not need permission if there are Permitted Development Rights, although this will only apply to industrial buildings such as warehouses and not to things like shops, gyms, or car showrooms. It is important to note that every local authority has different planning regulations, so it is crucial to check with your local authority before beginning any construction work.

If a building is temporary, planning permission is usually only required if the building will be used for more than 28 days. However, if the building is within 5 meters of the building site boundary or it impacts parking areas, permission must be sought. It’s definitely worth talking to your local planning officer about this, as the rules are not cut and dried for temporary buildings.

You can make a planning application online yourself on the official Government website –, and you can also find more information and guidance there. However, at National Steel Buildings, we work with our partner architects who have years of experience in planning permission for steel buildings.

We can help you make sure you satisfy all the legal requirements for your new steel building, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is compliant with all relevant regulations.

In conclusion, planning permission is an essential consideration when erecting a steel building. It is important to check with your local authority planning department to understand the specific regulations that apply to your project.

At National Steel Buildings, we can help you navigate the planning permission process to ensure that your project meets all legal requirements, so you can focus on building your dream steel building. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help.

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